MSC.402(96) Requirements Explained

MSC.402(96) is the IMO resolution describing the requirements for the maintenance, thorough examination, operational testing, overhaul and repair of lifeboats and rescue boats, launching appliances and release gear.

The resolution came into force on 1 January 2020 to address varying standards of quality, acceptance and certification of lifeboat service companies and service personnel.

How is SeaSafe MSC.402(96) compliant?

Authorised service provider

Annual services and operational tests need not be performed in the presence of class.

SeaSafe is authorised directly by the flag administrations.

SeaSafe Marine’s personnel are trained and certified to service more than 60 makes and types of lifeboat safety systems.

Equipment makers support

Training and technical support were previously limited to appointed agents or shipowners. Now, it is a mandatory requirement within SOLAS that equipment, instructions, specialised tools, spare parts, training and accessories, as required, are available to independent service providers.

To learn more about what has changed since the new regulation came into force, download MSC.402(96) quick guide