Fleet Service Agreement

You don’t compromise on safety, so why should you compromise on service management?
With SeaSafe Marine’s Fleet Service Agreement, we give you predictable and preventative maintenance with long-term cost savings. Our well-planned procedure helps you to avoid higher costs, laborious supply-chain processes and inconsistencies in the quality and maintenance of the service. We eliminate all the inefficiencies in service delivery and put you in firm control of the services and benefits that matter to you.

Why SeaSafe Marine’s fleet service agreement

All taken care of

Our Fleet Service Agreement gives you peace of mind through consistent quality and maintenance, one fixed price per vessel per year and 24/7 operational and technical support. We monitor lifeboat service due dates, track vessel movements and plan attendances well in advance to reduce workload in the purchasing chain by eliminating the need to send RFQs and issue POs. A thorough service history is created and maintained to continuously support and serve you better.

Customer centric

SeaSafe Marine offers a truly customer-centric service since we understand and care about your business. We provide personalised services and understand that, although your business is similar to that of other owners, managers and operators, you are unique in your needs and ambitions. With service coordination administered from a single global hub, enabling swift deployment of expert engineers from strategically located outlets worldwide, revolutionising efficiency, saving time and money. In most cases, attendance can be confirmed as soon as an enquiry is received.

Multi-skilled and certified engineers

SeaSafe Marine is authorised by maritime administrations and classification societies to service and certify over 150 makes and in excess of 1,400 types of lifeboats, release gear and davit systems. Located at key global hubs for faster mobility and efficiency at any port, our team of professional engineers are trained and certified by manufacturers as well as recognised international standards.