Types of Procurement

Based on the volume, frequency and urgency of your requirements, choose Full, Ad-hoc or Single Source Procurement.

Full procurement

SeaSafe Marine’s specialist procurement helps shipping companies find high-quality suppliers and trade cost-effectively. With a combined purchasing power equivalent to a fleet of 300+ vessels and access to a pool of more than 2,000 suppliers, an easy-to-use online platform and consolidated logistics infrastructure, SeaSafe Marine delivers on cost savings, transparency and peace of mind.

Ad-hoc procurement

With Ad hoc Procurement, you choose from an extensive list of responsibilities SeaSafe Marine can help you fulfil for your procurement. We take care of optimised unit costs and logistics overheads.

Single source procurement

Our Single Source Procurement allows you to choose from multiple quotations shared by a wide selection of vendors in SeaSafe Marine’s pool. With technology at the heart of efficiency, our online platform keeps a full audit trail for all approvals and expenses.

Benefit from economies of scale and save through consolidated logistics for supplied items.