SeaSafe Marine Services

SeaSafe Marine offers comprehensive global marine services specialising in new building supervision, drydock management, emission reduction strategies, vessel pre-purchase inspection, vessel condition assessment, and a wide range of technical services.

New building supervision

Our dedicated professionals supervise new building projects from inception to delivery. We ensure that construction adheres to specifications, regulations, and safety standards, safeguarding your interests and ensuring the vessel's seaworthiness.Advantage of choosing SeaSafe Marine Services for new building supervision:

• Technical Expertise: Our technical experts have an intricate understanding of shipbuilding, enabling them to identify and rectify potential issues throughout the construction process.

• On-Time Delivery: We keep a vigilant eye on construction timelines, ensuring a vessel is delivered as planned, minimizing project delays.

• Quality Adherence: With our supervision, a vessel is built meeting the highest quality and safety standards.

Drydock management

Our experts oversee every facet of drydocking, from assessing hull condition to verifying machinery overhaul. We collaborate closely with shipyards, ensuring that your vessel's drydocking process adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety. Advantage of choosing SeaSafe Marine Services for drydocking inspections:

• Holistic Approach: Our comprehensive inspection encompasses hull integrity, coatings, machinery, and more, ensuring that a vessel's drydocking is executed flawlessly.

• Quality Assurance: We meticulously review shipyard proposals and monitor the drydocking process to ensure that repairs and maintenance meet industry benchmarks.

•Minimized Downtime: Our expertise expedites the drydocking process, reducing vessel downtime, and maximizing operational efficiency.

Emission reduction strategies

The maritime industry is transitioning towards sustainable practices, and emission reduction is at the forefront. SeaSafe Marine Services specialises in devising tailored emission reduction strategies for vessel, incorporating innovative technologies and operational optimisation to minimize environmental impact, and enhancing a vessel's compliance with emission regulation. Advantage of choosing SeaSafe Marine Services for emission reduction strategies:

• Environmental Stewardship: Our strategies contribute to a greener maritime industry, aligning operations with global sustainability goals.

• Customised Approach: We analyse a vessel's profile and operational requirements to develop emission tailor made reduction strategies which are effective.

• Regulatory Compliance: We ensure vessels comply with emission regulations, mitigating potential risks and penalties.

Vessel pre-purchase inspection

Our seasoned marine surveyors specialise in conducting thorough pre-purchase inspection that leave no stone unturned. We meticulously assess the vessel's condition, structural integrity, machinery, safety systems, and compliance with international regulations. With our comprehensive inspection report, there is a clear understanding of the vessel's condition, enabling clients to make informed decisions. Advantage of choosing SeaSafe MarineServices for vessel pre-purchase inspection:

• Expertise: Our surveyors have decades of collective experience, providing clients with insights that only seasoned professionals can deliver.

• Precision: We employ advanced inspection techniques and cutting-edge technology to ensure that every detail is scrutinised, leaving no room for surprise.

• Comprehensive Reports: Our detailed inspection reports are easy to understand and provide a holistic view of the vessel's condition, enabling clients to negotiate from a position of strength.

Technical services

Our wide range of services include machine and steel repair, boiler repairs, overhaul of main and auxiliary engines, liner replacement, piping repairs, air conditioning and reefer system repair, UTM, anchor and chain repair/replacement. Our team of experts provide tailored services that enhance a vessel's efficiency, safety, and profitability. Advantage of choosing SeaSafe Marine Services for technical services:

• Customised Services: We understand that every vessel is unique. Our technical services are customised to address vessel's specific needs, ensuring optimal performance.

• Regulatory Compliance: We navigate the complex landscape of maritime regulations, ensuring that your vessel operates in compliance to regulatory requirements.

• Operational Excellence: Our technical interventions are geared towards elevating your vessel's operational efficiency, reducing cost, and enhancing your competitive edge.

At SeaSafe Marine Services, our legacy of excellence is built upon a foundation of unwavering commitment, technical know-how, and industry leading expertise. With SeaSafe Marine Services, maritime ventures are not just safeguarded, they are elevated to new horizons of excellence.