Lifeboat Safety

The safety of your crew is paramount, and that's why stringent maintenance for lifeboats is crucial.  SeaSafe, as an authorised service provider, has the approval to service and certify over 150 makes of lifeboat and davit systems on behalf of the flag administrations. Our comprehensive safety solutions guarantee compliance requirements are met, leaving no room for compromises during emergencies. 
Our highly trained engineers have undergone extensive training according to recognised international standards and are certified to perform a full range of statutory services, upkeep and repairs. 
With service points in over 20 ports globally, entrusting lifeboat maintenance and testing to SeaSafe Marine also offers significant cost benefits.

Lifeboat system inspections

SeaSafe Marine is a specialist in keeping your lifeboat systems safe, compliant with the latest regulations and always ready for action. Our services entail meticulous inspection, testing, overhaul and repair of the boats, their launching appliance and release gear. We take care of any unplanned breakdowns and provide annual and five-year statutory services, which are carried out by certified personnel of authorised service providers in full accordance with IMO, SOLAS and regional requirements.


Count on our certified personnel to handle any unplanned breakdowns and provide annual and five-year statutory services. As authorised service providers our services adhere fully to IMO, SOLAS and regional requirements.

Reduced downtime

Short-cuts are not acceptable when it comes to looking after your lifeboat systems, so SeaSafe Marine takes an intelligent approach to preventative maintenance techniques to minimise disruption. We also offer on-voyage repairs, servicing and load testing during sailing, eliminating operational interruptions for your vessels.

Fleet service agreements

Owners with larger fleets can enjoy priority benefits and further reduce expenditure by taking out a Fleet Service Agreement. Discounted rates apply for routine and unplanned emergency services, with fixed upfront costs. Tailored agreements can be arranged for statutory services and/or routine planned maintenance. This lets you cut costs without cutting corners.